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In the studio with BNR's Harme Pijpers morning was a true test-fest. Reggy Gunn, co-founder of icemaker Frozen Dutch had several of his innovative ice creams brought. While pressure was tasted of prosecco, lemon and cherry ice wine, Gunn told the audience with his alcoholic sorbets will operate.

Rock 'n Roll

"Although the ice is concerned, we focus primarily not on a young audience. It is more a culinary product." The unusual combination was devised in consultation with Grapedistrict, a young chain of wine merchants. "On Parade Festival a year ago it was a big hit, so we decided cups on the market. Normally alcohol with ice combine anything for chefs. In that respect, we as a retailer an exception. We are the rock 'n roll with taste. "


The products which are used for the ice cream to be closely achieved. "That means we use in terms of flavors of products in the Netherlands to get. Example, we cucumber-dill and beet-yogurt ice cream." Not every combination is equally successful, Gunn confesses. "We once tried to make caramelized uienijs, but that was something to aromatic once you opened the lid. You will then work for a very small market, that the chefs can do better."

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Lifespan is the matter every customer will concern when they are purchasing a commercial ice machine. There is no need to say that the higher quality the machine has, the longer lifespan it can enjoy. However, apart from the quality, there are still many other factors that would affect the lifespan of commercial ice machine, such as usage volume, water quality and environmental condition. 
  • Usage volume: As we should know that all machines will be consumed quickly if the usage frequency is too high. Since most commercial ice machine need to be run for 24 hours every day, the normal lifespan can be usually maintained for 5 years. And for those machines that can be rested from work for more than 4 days a month, its lifespan can be lengthened to more than 5 years.
  • Water quality: Water quality is the very important factor that would both affect the ice quality but also is closely related to the lifespan of the machine. Water which is not filtered or is high at the content of alkalinity or acidity may bring great harm to the machinery parts of the ice machine because the impurity contained in the water may decrease the working efficiency but also can corrode the machine. So it is very important for you to use the water which complies with the international water standard if you want your ice machine to work longer for you.
  • Environmental condition: Machine used in different regions or continents may also enjoy different lifespans concerning the environmental condition such as humidity, dust and salt which may shorten the lifespan of the ice machine. Additionally, ice machines which is used in the environment with low temperature enjoy longer working life than in the regions where temperature is too high, for example, the Africa.
Once you have realized such factors that may affect the lifespan of the machine, than you can take some positive measures to avoid the bad influence accordingly. Make sure that you check online and make a note of any sales that will reduce your cost this shopping season. For more information about commercial cube ice machine, please contact free for commercial ice machine quote.
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